Shirts, hats, jackets, decals, gear, and more.

TEEPUBLIC DubiousTeeDesigns

Here you can find various SAPTK Martial Arts shirts, PTK-SMF shirts,  Filipino Martial Arts shirts, and more. There are stickers, notebooks, phone cases, coffee mugs, and more.

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Purchase SAPTK Martial Arts, PTK-SMF, and Pekiti-Tirsia Kali apparel, merchandise, and more.

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Tactical Gear

The Atomic Bear's tactical pens are my go to EDC pens and the price point is excellent. Great quality without overpricing. Besides tactical pens they also have tactical flashlights, belts, and more. Use the discount code DUSTINDENSON for 10% off. Check them out.

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Best Light

Flashlights, batteries, and chargers. The Fenix line of flashlights are excellent for EDC or otherwise. I really like the Fenix PD35 Tac. Use the code SAPTK10 for a discount.

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